Thanks to integration with Make, you can create automated workflows between your Caspio applications and other applications or web-based services such as CRM, e-signature, and email providers. For example, you can:

  • Add records in a Caspio database when an email arrives in your mailbox.
  • Create events in calendars when records are added to a Caspio table.
  • Send contracts to e-signature providers to be signed by all parties when the required data is entered in a table.

The integration can be done seamlessly by using Make to integrate with your Caspio account. To create your first integration, you must have a Make account and REST API feature enabled in your plan.

Note: A Make account is necessary to create scenarios between applications. Caspio is not affiliated with Make, so Make fees are
independent from Caspio. Use Make at your own discretion.

Integrating Make with Caspio

  1. Create a REST API profile in your Caspio account. Copy the Client ID and Secret Key to use later.
  2. Configure the data access permission for the profile.
  3. Log in to your Make account.
  4. Search for Caspio app and create a new Scenario.
  5. Select an action type for the scenario (i.e., Add Row, Update Row, etc.)
  6. Choose a Caspio account to connect with your Make account.
  7. Provide your account integration URL, Client ID and Secret Key of your REST API profile.
  8. Select an app or service that you want to integrate with.
  9. Follow the steps and complete your scenario.
  10. Activate and test your scenario.