Views may be edited to exclude or include fields, change the filtering criteria, or to change the association between the tables. The View wizard follows the same process used to create the view.

Steps in modify a View

  1. In Views listing screen select a view and click Edit to launch the View wizard.
  2. The first screen, Edit a View  allows you to add or remove tables. If a view is used in an Authentication or a DataPages, tables may not be removed.
  3. On the next screen, View Properties, you can add or remove associations. To change the join type of an existing association you must first remove it and then add it again with the new join type.
  4. In the Field Properties screen, you can apply new filters or remove existing ones. New fields can be included or existing ones excluded. Click Finish to save.


Modifying a view can make its dependent objects such as DataPages and Authentications unusable. Caspio provides a warning in most such situations or prohibits the modification.