Watch the video below to see a quick summary of the 31.0 release:

Release Notes

Document Generation

After a brief beta period, we are pleased to announce the general availability of Document Generation as a standard feature for select Caspio plans. A popular request in the Caspio Ideabox, this feature allows your end users to generate custom PDF documents populated with real-time data. You can create a template by uploading a fillable PDF file, and then map the fields to your Caspio table. Additional enhancements in this release:
  • You can now insert PDF documents on results pages in addition to details pages.
  • Field mapping is expanded to include more form elements.
  • You can customize the “Download PDF” action link using the associated style and localization, or create a custom display during DataPage configuration.
Learn more about Document Generation.

Email and Domain Authentication

To improve the deliverability and security of automatic emails sent from your Caspio apps, we’ve added the ability to verify the “From” email addresses and their domains. Starting in this release, all “From” email addresses configured in your DataPages, Tasks and Triggered Actions will be available for verification from the Account Settings screen. Additionally, domain verification is an optional step which adds a digital signature to outgoing email messages to further improve deliverability.
Note: While unverified emails will continue to send after the 31.0 release, we recommend you start verifying all your “From” email addresses immediately. Any remaining unverified emails will be deprecated on July 11, 2022 and automatically replaced with a default Caspio email address hosted on a pre-verified domain (
Learn more about Email and Domain Authentication.

Account Settings Improvements

The Account Settings screen was refreshed to improve the user experience and incorporate settings for email and domain authentication. Additionally, the option to set a custom Caspio URL has been removed. Learn more about Account Settings.

Changes to App Parameters

"From" email addresses configured as App Parameters were replaced with their native values across DataPages so they can be centrally managed and verified on the Account Settings screen. Learn more about App Parameters.

Logs Enhancements

SMS and email logs now provide additional information, including the reason for failed message delivery. Learn more about Logs.
Note: Log record storage and retention options are available based on your Caspio plan and you can add more log records or change the retention period as needed. For the accounts created prior to November 30, 2021, we have extended the grace period to four months before any limits take effect. On March 31, 2022, the log record limit and retention policy will apply based on your plan.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
119513 DataPages Fixed error in search form with field names contained numeric values.
125256 Triggered Action Fixed issue with display name for email address in Triggered Actions.
134634 DataPages Fixed calculation issue with small numbers in Calculated Values.
134763 DataPages Fixed issue with bulk edit for field names containing reserved keywords.
142410 Triggered Action Fixed issue with moving table variables to a new block.
142990 Zapier integration Fixed issue with generating an extra call to Zapier when data events occurred in a table.
145979 DataPages Fixed issue with unnecessary spacing above rich text editor.
147024 PDF Reports Fixed issue with displaying contents of iFrames in downloaded PDF files.
148679 CSV/Excel Download Fixed issue with formatting dates in downloaded files in results page which used fields from details page.
149136 REST API Improved REST API performance for high volume calls.
149228 DataPage Wizard Fixed UI issue in DataPage configuration of required values.
149526 DataPages Fixed issue with displaying rich text editor.
155662, 150956 DataPages Fixed issue with rendering DataPages in specific conditions.
151831 DataPages Fixed sorting issue for ID column.
151950 DataPages Fixed issue with rules in DataPages.
152328 REST API Fixed access issue for Views from REST API calls.
152465 Views Fixed performance issues for Date/Time criteria in a View.
153093 Payment Processors Fixed issue with duplicate error messages.
153186 DataPages Fixed UI issue for password fields.
153598 Tasks Fixed issue with displaying task names in Task History.
156917 DataPages Fixed error in search form caused by duplicate values in List data type fields.
157049 REST API Fixed issue with deploying DataPages through REST API methods.
157109 DataPages Fixed issue with saving criteria in Rules.
159841 Tables Fixed issue with converting a field to a List data type field.

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