To view all available logs in your account, select Logs from the side menu. To view the log data of each log, hover over a log and select Open.

Each log type contains the following information:

  • Name – Type of a log
  • Records – Number of log records
  • Retention – Period for keeping log data
  • Lock icon – Lock icon is placed next to a log name if the log is not available for your plan.

You can perform the following actions in each log table:

  • Changing retention – Click Change retention to set the period for storing log data. Learn more about Setting the retention.
  • Sorting – Click on a column name to sort the data based on the column.
  • Filtering – Select Filters on the right side of the table and apply criteria for fields in the dropdown. You can also apply filter directly from the column header.
  • Grouping – Select Columns on the right side of the table and drag a field you want to group under the section Row Groups. You can also apply grouping from the column header.
  • Rearranging a column – Drag and drop a column to the desired location.
  • Pinning a column – Click the icon in a column and select Pin Column > Pin Left/Pin Right in the dropdown menu.
  • Auto-sizing a column or all columns – Click the icon in a column and select Autosize This Column/Autosize All Columns in the dropdown menu.
  • Resetting columns settings – Click the icon in a column and then select Reset Columns in the dropdown menu.
  • Selecting displayed columns – Select Columns on the right side of the table and choose which column should be displayed in the dropdown.

Note: Log record storage and retention options are available based on your Caspio plan and you can add more log records or change the retention period as needed. If you need assistance, contact Caspio Support.