This release includes Triggered Actions, a redesigned App Overview page, and enhancements to previously released features.
Watch the video below to see a summary of the 9.9 Caspio release:

Release Notes

Triggered Actions

With the new Triggered Actions feature, you can define your application logic through a visual interface. In a Table, Triggered Actions can be created and executed on specified data events (i.e. insert, update or delete) to perform additional data changes and complex data calculations on the same table and other tables.

Figure 1 – Triggered Actions List

Figure 2 – Triggered Actions View

In this initial release, Triggered Actions focuses on data manipulation and application logic. In future updates, we are planning to support triggered emails, SMS messages and more.

Triggered Actions are available in Professional and higher plans at no additional cost.

Learn more about Triggered Actions. 

App Overview

We have redesigned the App Overview page to show useful information about your apps, as well as tips to help guide new users in building Caspio applications.

Figure 3 – App Overview

Learn more about App Overview. 

Enhancements to List Data Types

  • Parameters can now be received or passed to a List Data Type field in DataPages.

Figure 4 – Parameters for List Data Types

  • Because a comma is used as a separator between each list item value, the comma character will be encoded as “%2C” when the field is used as a parameter.
  • In search forms, you can now choose the behavior for blank list fields. One option is to ignore the criteria, and the other is to return records with blank values in the list field.
  • The following options are now available when converting data types in Table Design:
    • Text Data Types can be converted to a corresponding List Data Type.
    • List Data Types can be converted from any sub-type (String, Number, Date) to another.
    • Note: Data loss may occur when trying to convert to incompatible data types and a warning message will appear prior to the conversion.

Learn more about List Data Types. 

Performance Improvements

We have made significant performance improvements to the load time of objects, particularly if you have a large number of DataPages, tables, views or files.

Bug Fixes

50370Rendered DataPagesFixed sorting issue for calculated fields with SQL query in DataPages configured with non-English localization.
51300Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with hiding a label of a field in Rule.
50553Rendered DataPagesFixed resource allocation issue in Calculated Field.
50134Rendered DataPagesFixed paging issue in Report DataPages when navigating from Details to Results page.
49745Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with showing * (asterisk) for List data type field when required by Rule.
50269DatasheetFixed filtering issue for duplicate records in Datasheet.
49976DataPages WizardFixed formatting issue for text in Header/Footer/HTML blocks in Authentication object.
46983Rendered DataPagesFixed issue for fields required by Rule.
51738Rendered DataPagesFixed sorting issue for Report DataPages configured with  cbResetParam=1.
50882Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with downloading data in Report DataPages.
51227Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with editable cascading field.
52342Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with sorting data based on Date/Time fields.

Impact Areas

Refer to the 9.9 Impacted Areas article for more information about the areas affected by this release.

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