Release Notes

Enhancements to Caspio Webhooks (Beta)

Caspio Webhooks provides your applications with the ability to automatically communicate with third-party systems when data changes occur. 

In this release, we standardized the payload sent in webhook messages: 

  • Values from tables are presented in JSON formats: string, number, and Boolean. 
  • List type values are presented in the same way as in Caspio REST API. 

For more information, see Caspio Webhooks payload.

Learn more about Caspio Webhooks.

Enhancements to Document Generation

Document generation populates PDF forms with values from your Caspio database, so app users can easily download pre-filled PDF files with real-time data. 

With our latest release, you now have granular control over table relationships within your selected data source. If multiple relationships exist, you can specify exactly which one to utilize. This way you can decide exactly which records populate your generated PDF files.  

Learn more about Document Generation.

Enhancements to Logs

Logs allow account owners and administrators to view records of services and activities in your account and applications.     

Starting this release, the time shown in the Log date column is aligned to the time zone selected in your account settings. 

Learn more about Logs.


We have recently announced that MS Access file format for import/export will be deprecated. To ensure an uninterrupted performance of your applications, please take necessary actions before the specified retirement date.

Known Issues

ID Area Description
210895 DataPages Fixed issue related to searching by Date/Time data type in multiselect listboxes in Report DataPages.
221568 Triggered actions and tasks Fixed issue with a specific configuration of UPDATE, JOIN and WHERE actions producing an unexpected value.
215817 DataPages Fixed issue with logout redirection using Directory sign-in.
217390 DataPages Fixed issue with friendly account name displayed as a host page in DataPage properties.
218991 PDF Download Fixed issue with displaying calculated values in downloaded PDF files.
223308 Data import/export tasks Fixed issue with SFTP connection.