The default value is set on the level of a PDF file used for template creation and it specifies the value of a particular field. Each time a template field remains empty (for example, because it is not mapped or its value is empty), it will be filled with a default value. For a Custom value, a default value will only appear when a parameter returns an empty value. 

Steps to change the default value for a field: 

  1. In a template, click the field that you want to edit, and then navigate to the Field options section. 
  2. In the Default value field, specify the default value for the template field: 
    • For a Text field, enter a value that will appear when the field is not mapped or empty.  
    • For a Checkbox field, choose if it is cleared or selected when the field is not mapped.  
    • For a Radio button, Dropdown, or Listbox field, select a value from the list of available values that will appear in the following cases: 
      • The field is not mapped.
      • The field is mapped but the value from the data source is empty.
      • The field is mapped but the value from the data source is different than the allowed values.
    • For a Dropdown field that allows custom values, enter a default value or choose one from the existing values.