You can export an App as a single file. On the Caspio homepage, select the app and click Export from the More option. You can also export an App by selecting Tools in the top menu bar and clicking on Export. The link to exported files remains in account notifications area for 7 days.

A sample list of apps showing the expanded menu items with the Export option selected.
Note the following when exporting apps:
  • If your app contains private data, you can choose to export without data in the Tables. Doing so includes the structure of the Tables but not their data.
A dialog box showing the options for exporting an app with or without private data.
  • Use App Parameters to cleanse email addresses and URLs that should not be shared. The export process gives you the option to change parameter values and scans your DataPages for other non-parameter values. Read the article on App Parameters to learn more.
A sample list of sample parameters that are used by the app selected for export.
You can give your exported app to another Caspio account user or import it back into your account at a later time.