All text that appears on your DataPages can be translated into any language, or simply modified to your or your audience’s preferences through Localizations.  The effect can be enhanced by converting time to your users’ time zone and formatting all values in accordance with standards accepted in your users’ country.

You can create multiple Localizations in your account and apply each Localization to one or more DataPages. To have the same DataPage localized in more than one language and/or for more than one time zone and region, you need to make copies of the DataPage and apply different Localizations to each.

What You Can Translate

  • Messages – Error and other messages that appear on your DataPages, such as “No records found” in a Search and Report or “You did not enter valid information in one or more of the fields” on a Submission Form.
  • Buttons – Labels that appear on all buttons in your DataPages, such as “Submit” on Submission Forms, “Search” on search forms, “Add” buttons on Results Pages.
  • Markers – Text that denotes required fields in Submission Forms.
  • Record Actions – Links that appear in the last column on Results Pages, such as “View Details” or “Edit”.
  • Sorting Markers – The “(asc)” and “(desc)” markers that appear next to the interactive column labels on the Results Pages.
  • Paging Controls – Navigation links on multi-page Results Pages of Search and Reports.
  • Download Data – The link on Results Pages that enables users to download search results to their computers.

Time Zones

Caspio Bridge accounts have time zones set for them, depending on your location. Your DataPage may either use the same time zone or any other.

Formatting Standards

Caspio Bridge provides date, time, number, currency, percent and yes/no formatting standards for the entire planet. If you still feel you need a special format, you can modify any of the regional formatting settings, customizing the formatting to the smallest detail.

For your DataPages to be completely localized, don’t forget to translate your DataPage field labels, text displayed beside radio buttons and checkboxes, values in dropdowns and listboxes, confirmation messages displayed after submit, and any default values in text fields and text areas.

Caspio Bridge uses Unicode // (UTF-8) character encoding for all DataPages. When deploying a localized DataPage using the “Embed” model, the hosting web page must also be UTF-8-encoded for the localized text to display correctly.

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