The User Logs feature allows you to monitor the activities of your authenticated users accessing your apps.

To access User Logs, click Tools as the menu bar of any screen and click User Logs.

You will then be directed to the User Logs screen. By default, you see the number of records where activities were successful or failed in the Success and Failed fields per day it was active. You can also view the overall success percentage of successful and failed activities on a given day.

By default, all log entries are sorted by day for 30 preceding days. On this page, you can filter user log records by selecting an option from the Show logs dropdown.

  • By Day – Filter results by individual dates.
  • By Month – Filter results to a whole month.
  • By Apps – Filter results by Apps.
  • By Authentication – Filter results by an activity, where an end user signs in with Authentication.
  • By Connection – Filter results by an activity, where an end user signs in with a Connection.
  • By User – Filter results by the email address or username of an end user.
  • By IP Address – Filter results by the IP Address where the user used to perform an activity.
  • Detailed Report – Open a detailed report of your search criteria.

You can also filter results by selecting specific criteria for each field. Click Filter to expand the box. You can specify a date range, application, activity, user, IP address, etc.

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