Deploying into WordPress

Known Issue: On July 23, 2015, WordPress released a security update for all WordPress versions which prevents embedded DataPages from loading. Caspio provides a WordPress Plugin to ensure deploy codes remain intact. If you were not already using the plugin, update your DataPage deployments using the instructions below.

Deploy Caspio DataPages in WordPress

Every deployed Caspio DataPage has a unique URL address, but most users want to embed these applications in their own websites. Caspio provides deploy code snippets you can paste into any web page, but pasting JavaScript or PHP code into WordPress can be problematic because the WordPress editor sometimes scrambles the code you are trying to publish. Therefore, Caspio provides a WordPress plugin to ensure the deploy code always remains intact in the WordPress Editor.

1. Download the Caspio WordPress Plugin

The Caspio Deploy2 plugin uses shortcode placeholders that are replaced at run-time with the full deploy code. Download it at The Caspio Deploy2 plugin generates the required JavaScript code for embedded deployment or calls the PHP functions used for SEO deployment. This makes it easier to blend the web content management virtues of WordPress with the cloud database power of Caspio.

2. Copy Your DataPage URL

Deploy your DataPage using the "URL" as the preferred deployment method and copy the URL to your clipboard.

3. Paste the URL in the [Caspio] Shortcode Format

Open your WordPress editor and paste the URL in between the shortcode markers:

[caspio] App Key Here[/caspio]

Publish the page and your DataPage will now appear embedded in WordPress.

How to Use SEO Deployment in WordPress?

In order to deploy a Caspio SEO DataPage in WordPress, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have the SEO Deployment feature activated in your Caspio Bridge account
  • Configure your DataPages based on the SEO Deployment Guidelines
  • Download and install the Caspio Deploy2 plugin for WordPress.

The deploy code is slightly different from above. For SEO deployment, the URL is included as an attribute as shown below:

[caspio seo=" App Key Here" style="l"]

Use the "l" style parameter for External Style or "i" for Inline Style as described in the SEO Deployment Guidelines.

NOTE: Plugins are only applicable to websites using the software. Plugins are not permitted at for various security reasons. If you are hosting your website on, you do not have access to install new plugins. users should use Caspio's standard deployment methods including Embed, URL, and Frame.