Supported Operating Systems and Browsers for Caspio Bridge Administration

Windows and Mac OS operating systems are supported. While smartphones such as iPhone and Android are also supported, they are not ideal due to their limited screen size. Tablets provide the best mobile experience.

  • Windows
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and higher
    • Firefox 10 and higher
    • Safari 5.1 and higher
    • Chrome 15 and higher
  • Mac OS, iOS
    • Safari 5.1 and higher
    • Firefox 10 and higher
    • Chrome 15 and higher
  • Android
    • Native Browser
    • Firefox 10 and higher
    • Chrome 15

Note: Beta versions are not supported.

Unsupported Systems

Please note that while you may be able to sign into Caspio Bridge with unsupported browsers, we highly recommend that you adhere to the above system requirements to ensure full product functionality, optimal user experience, and access to technical support.

Supported Browsers for Deployed DataPages

While the DataPages and applications you create using Caspio Bridge are compatible with all common browsers and operating systems, we recommend using our browser requirements above to ensure full functionality and performance.

Note: Due to security reasons, some older versions of Internet Explorer are no longer supported.

Session Cookies

Caspio Bridge requires enabling cookies, however it does not place tracking cookies on your system. Session cookies are used to manage your current session and are removed from your system when you sign out or close your browser window.

Most browsers have cookies enabled by default. Refer to your browser’s documentation for information on enabling cookies.


Caspio Bridge requires the use of JavaScript. Some high-security utilities and firewalls disable JavaScript. Either re-enable JavaScript or temporarily disable the utility while working with Caspio Bridge. Keep in mind that Caspio Bridge is secure and encryption is enforced when working with the authoring console and is available for all deployments, so all account activity and data transfer can be encrypted.