You can easily enable data download for your search results. It allows your users to download the results in a variety of formats.

  1. Edit your Report DataPage.
  2. Navigate to Results Page Options screen.
  3. Click the Advanced tab and in the Download Options section, select one or more File format options to download search results. Search results downloadable
  4. Configure the remaining setting of Download Options to meet your particular needs.
  5. To configure PDF settings, click on the edit icon after you selected the PDF check box. You can easily customize the following options:
    • The PDF display settings such as: header and footer, margins, page orientation, page breaks, repeating table header row.
    • In header and footer use PDF specific system parameters [@cbDataPageName], [@cbPageNumber] and [@cbTotalPages] to show the DataPage name, page number and total number of pages.
    • The default behavior of the download link: Download or Open in browser (to preview the document before download or print).
    • Additional page breaks after custom number of records.
    • Enable showing table header row on every page.

    PDF download settings

Note: If Unicode characters such as extended Latin characters, symbols, emoji or non-Latin characters are used in the report, they may look different in the downloaded PDF.

Note: The PDF download option is not available in some plans. Check our pricing page for details.