Localization Objects let you customize the standard English text that appears on your DataPages. The Localization Wizard contains all textual items and groups them in Categories so you can easily find and edit them as needed.

This article provides instructions to create a new Localization in an existing app.

  1. In Caspio Bridge from All Assets, on the side bar menu, click on Localizations. Click New Localization.
  2. You will be directed to the Define Localization Settings screen.
  3. In the tree on the left, the elements are arranged in three Categories. Click to expand the category if collapsed.

The first category Text contains sub-categories of text items that you can translate.

  • Forms/Details Pages category lists all text items that appear on Submission  Forms, Details Pages, search forms, login forms, and Password Recovery Forms.
  • Results Pages includes all text items that appear on Results Pages of Report DataPages.

To provide translations, select each Element in the sub-categories; all text items that pertain to it are listed in the table on the right. The table displays the element field and the Current Text associated with it. To modify a text, select an element and enter your custom equivalent in the Custom Text area.


  • Time Zone – Click on this category to see the time zone set for your account. If you expect your users to be in a different time zone, check Enable Custom Time Zone and select the appropriate time zone from the dropdown list.


If custom time zone is enabled, time values recorded by TimeStamp elements in DataPages using this Localization will be in this time zone. Otherwise, they are recorded in the account’s time zone.
  • Formatting Standards are settings that define the appearance of formatted values in your DataPages.

To use pre-defined regional formatting standards, select the appropriate region from the list.


To use your custom format, first select the region with standards closest to the ones you wish to use. Then, select each Type in the table above and modify format settings using the boxes below. Refer to Format Types for a description of settings configurable for each type.

To reset any changes you have made to the currently selected Localization element and restore previously saved settings, click Reset.

Use the Search option to search through all categories or a specific category. Enter the word or phrase and click Find, then click Next to go to the next occurrence. The search is case-sensitive.

  1. Next, you have the option to apply Localization to DataPages. This section lists all DataPages in your account. Select the DataPages to which you wish to apply this Localization. Click Create.
  2. A new dialog box will appear. Enter the name of your new Localization or use the default name. Click Finish.

Any DataPages created in former versions of Caspio Bridge are listed on this screen with a “Former version*” indicator. You can upgrade them to use the new version of Localizations, however, upgrading them cannot be reversed and you will lose all previous Localization settings. We recommend that you create copies of any former version DataPages before applying the new version to them.