You can easily edit a Localization object. The Localization Wizard contains all textual items and groups them in Categories so you can easily find and edit them as needed.

This article shows how to edit Localization for an existing app.

  1. Navigate to the Localizations listing, select a Localization you wish to edit, and click Edit.
  2. You will be directed to the Define Localization Settings screen.
  3. In the tree on the left, the elements are arranged in three Categories. Click to expand the category if collapsed:

Text  – All text items that appear on Results Pages of Search and Report DataPages can be modified in the Custom Text area.


Time Zone –  If you expect your users to be in a different time zone, check Enable Custom Time Zone and select the appropriate time zone from the dropdown list.


Formatting Standards –   To use pre-defined regional formatting standards, select the appropriate region from the list.

Next, you have the option to apply Localization to DataPages. This section lists all DataPages in your account. Select the DataPages to which you wish to apply this Localization. Click Save.