Account Messages display Caspio Bridge system alerts and announcements. They are integrated with various account functions such as import/export and Caspio Data Hub. An alert may also appear to notify you about account-related announcements such as scheduled maintenance or billing credit card expiration.

 Account_alerts_1  The icon next to the Messages option in the top menu bar displays how many new alerts you have.


To view the details of a message, select a particular message and click Details.


You can also view the following message details:

  • Status Icon – Represents the status of the notification: Success, Error and Warning.
  • Attachment – The clip icon to the left of the message title indicates that the message contains an attachment.
  • Messages – Describes the message with any related link. The property can be expanded to display multiple message details.
  • User – Displays the user name of the person who requested the activity.
  • Status – Indicates whether the message is Active or Deleted.
  • Date/Time – Displays the date and time of the performed activity.
  • Size – The size of the file that was imported or exported.

Note: Messages are periodically cleansed for performance.