Training Sessions

basic datapage and deployment

Basic Training – Introduction to Application Building

Learn how to get started using Caspio to create DataPages – the various web interfaces for forms, reports and search applications.

application architecture and authentication

Intermediate Training – Application Architecture and Authentication

Learn how to architect your application for multiple users to securely access different areas of an app based on their user role.

password protection

Advanced Training – Database Relationships and Passing Parameters

Learn about the various ways you can create data relationships in Caspio applications.

styles and localization

Styles and Localization

Learn how to customize the look and feel of your app using Caspio Styles and Localizations.

Full Implementation Demos

create a sales application

Build a Sales Reporting Application

Learn how to build a sales application with multiple user roles (manager and employee) and permissions. App also includes a data visualization report.

newsfeed with google maps

Create a Newsfeed with Google Maps

Learn how to build a Facebook-like newsfeed with Google Map integration.

multipage deployment and report printout

Multi-DataPage Deployment and Report Printout

Learn how to deploy a search form, report and two charts on a single web page, plus create a printable report using text-to-HTML conversion.

Field Service Request Application

Field Service Request Application

In this app, staff can submit repair requests that will be automatically sent to technicians out in the field.

create a job posting system

Build a Job Posting System

Learn how to build a job posting application that allows potential candidates to apply directly through a job board on your website. Hiring managers can manage jobs and candidates through the entire recruiting process.

create a fitness tracking application

Build a Fitness Tracking Application

In this application we walk you through the steps on how to set up a trainer registration form, and ability for trainers to manage clients and their sessions. We also integrate Google Maps within the app.

create an event management application

Build an Event Management Application

Learn how to post events to your corporate website, and have the ability to manage those events and attendees through the back-end interface.

create an inspections management application

Build an Inspections Management Application

Learn how to build an inspection management system for your business using Caspio Bridge. Reps in the field will be able to submit an inspection for a specific branch, while each branch manager will be able to review inspections pertaining to their location.

learn how to create a real estate application

Build a Real Estate Application

Learn how to create a Real Estate Application for your website. This particular application consists of two user levels (admin and agents), and has the ability for public to contact agents regarding property listings.

learn how to create a performance evaluation app

Build a Performance Evaluation App

Learn how to build a performance evaluation application with a single sign on screen, and a multi-user level access. Allow all employees to submit self-evaluations on their job performance, goals, and more. Upon submission, each department manager will be able to counter-review all employee submissions.