December 6, 2017 This release includes a new asynchronous deployment method, enhancements for Triggered Actions, new supported parameters and data types in REST API as well as bug fixes.

Release Notes

New Asynchronous DataPage Deployment Method

We have overhauled the Embed, .NET and WordPress/Embed DataPages deployment methods for better performance and compatibility with the latest browsers. With the new deploy code, DataPages are rendered asynchronously, thus improving the overall load time of your web page. All DataPages created or edited after the release will automatically use asynchronous loading. For older DataPages, you can continue to use the old deployment code or enable the new capability. Note that some old, custom JavaScript will require to be updated to work with Asynchronous Deployment.

Triggered Actions Enhancements

  • To make conditional statements easier, we now pre-fill IF-THEN blocks with sample Logic and Action blocks.
  • Recursive trigger calls and potential infinite loops are detected during validation.
  • You can now Enable/Disable Triggered Actions while you are editing it. The new option is available from the top menu.
  • Resetting a Triggered Action now reverts the changes to the last saved version of the trigger. In the previous release, it reverted the changes to the version user initially opened. A confirmation window is added to prevent accidental loss of work.
  • Properties of Triggered Actions is enhanced to show all the tables it is referencing.
  • Properties of Tables is enhanced to show all the Triggered Actions that refer to it.

REST API Enhancements

  • List Data Types are now supported in Table design and Row manipulations methods (GET, PUT, POST). Thanks to this you can control the values of List Data Types in columns.
  • New paging parameters such as page size and page number are available in GET Table/View Rows method. It returns several rows according to requested size.
  • Files can be uploaded to the Files section which is available in All Assets and used in DataPages and Tables. You can also download previously uploaded files. With this enhancement, it is easier to manage large numbers of files.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
42201 Triggered Action Fixed issue related to scrolling in Triggered Actions edit window.
49555 DataPages Wizard Fixed new DataPage creation issue if no permission granted for editing Localization and Style.
51740 Rendered Datapages Fixed issue for dropdown element in mobile browsers for DataPages with AJAX enabled.
52558 MS Plugin Fixed issue with extra system fields added to the downloaded data.
53521 View Fixed performance issue in View.
53666 Application Fixed issue with deleting an application that has a folder with a duplicate name.
53669 File Fixed issue for showing an incorrect error message when uploading a file with a duplicate name.
53816 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with using Tab key to move to the next cell containing dropdown in Grid Edit mode.
53736 DataPages Wizard Fixed issue with omitting new characters in HTML Block, Header and Footer.
53737 DataPages Wizard Fixed issue with JavaScript comments in HTML Block, Header and Footer not working properly in Firefox browser.
54307 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with grouping label in Report DataPages.
54393 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with incorrect timestamp for records inserted by Triggered Actions.
54401 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with incorrect limited number of records processed by an Action.
54875 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue related to inserting duplicate values in unique Formula Fields.
55015 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with DELETE block with WHERE clause that could not be executed.

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