February 28, 2019 This release includes minor feature enhancements, performance improvements, security updates, and bug fixes.

Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

Calculated Values in Update Forms and Details Pages

You can now add the Calculated Value form element to Update Forms and Details Pages to generate dynamic calculations as users interact with your forms. Previously, this feature was only available in Submission Forms. Learn more about Calculated Values.

Minor Enhancement in Tasks

The Tasks user interface was updated so it’s easier to make a selection between running a task on-demand or based on a recurring schedule. This option is now immediately visible when you first create a new task. Learn more about Tasks.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
48354 Files Fixed issue where files referenced in a table were not removed when the table was deleted.
67214 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where search forms in Report DataPages were not displayed when multiple DataPages were deployed on the same page.
68453 PDF Reports PDF Reports now support custom text, CSS and JavaScript placed in the Header and Footer of Report DataPages.
70036 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue in Web Forms where the parameter insertion option was not displayed when configuring the Destination Page URL.
70066 Notification Emails Fixed issue where single quote characters were inadvertently converted to HTML code in Notification Emails.
70404 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where Calculated Value fields did not display correctly when the “Repeat for confirmation” option was enabled.
70121 Applications Fixed issue where the data sources of copied DataPages were not updated correctly when duplicating an app.
71175 Tasks Fixed issue where mismatched data types did not display an error during table design.
71232 SMS Notifications Virtual fields now can be used in the body of SMS notifications.
71347 Calculated Values Fixed issue where unique fields used in Calculated Value fields did not return the correct value.

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