September 4, 2014

This release contains some highly-requested features to help you build more powerful applications and automate more data management tasks.

Release Notes

Advanced Search and Filtering Logic in Views and Report DataPages

We have introduced a drag-and-drop logic builder in the DataPage and Views Wizards to help you create more advanced criteria for filtering data.

Prior to this release, you had a choice between AND or OR for the logical operator between your search fields in Report DataPages. With this new enhancement, you can now build more complex search criteria using the new Logic tab.


You will still use the Elements tab to add new fields and criteria to your search, and initially, all of your elements will be set to AND by default. Simply click over to the Logic tab to customize the elements to choose AND/OR combinations and even nested logic.

A similar Criteria tab is also available in the Views Wizard where you can build complex filtering criteria for your Views.


This feature is available immediately in all Caspio plans.

Learn more about AND/OR Logical Operators.

Import Update

Caspio offers powerful import/export capabilities both on-demand and as scheduled tasks using DataHub. Previously when importing data, you could create a new table, replace an existing table, or append to an existing table. This new feature gives you the ability to easily update the fields of an existing table based on any new or changed data.

Update_Options_on_ImportHere’s how it works … First, you specify a unique field (such as user ID or email address) to match the importing data with the existing data. Using the matched field, any new or changed data from the import file will update the appropriate fields the Caspio table. The fields and records in the existing table that are not in the import file are left unchanged.


Please note that a single record can be updated multiple times during the same import if it is listed in the import file several times, with the last instance being the final update.

Not only does this feature streamline your data updates, it also helps you reduce import times and data transfer since you will only need to import changes to your data.

Corporate and Business plans include this feature automatically and it is available as an add-on in Standard plans.

Learn more about Importing Data.

New DataHub Repositories

DataHub gives you the ability to import and export data from external repositories. Prior to this release, depending on the availability of DataHub in your plan, the following repositories and protocols were supported: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SMTP (for export by email) and Amazon S3.

In this release, we have added DataHub integration with the following cloud storage services: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Box.

DataHub Repositories

Corporate plans include this feature automatically and it is available as an add-on in Standard plans.

Learn more about Caspio DataHub.

New Security Feature in Password Change

If you are providing your app users with the ability to change their passwords, now you can require them to first enter their current password before their new password is accepted. This is a best practice and we recommend you take advantage of it.


This feature is available in all plans.

Learn more about Password Options.

Select Bug Fixes and Smaller Enhancements

11607 Localization / Emails Date/Time localization settings are now available in automatic emails.
19705 Apps / Files When making a full copy of an app, the files associated with the app are now also duplicated.
19973 Distance Search When configuring Distance Search, the “Latitude”, “Longitude” and “Zip Code” fields are auto-detected for improved usability.
20376 Apps When copying applications, Table Relationships are now also copied.
20407 Files Orphan file cleanup no longer deletes images used as default placeholders in DataPages.
20667 DataPages The “Rules” tab in search forms now allows each criteria of multi-criteria fields to be used separately in Conditions and Actions.
20874 DataPages Calendar icons now wrap correctly during in-line edit.
21095 DataPages It is now possible to format the values in table-driven cascading radio buttons.
21109 User Interface All onscreen text in Caspio Bridge can now be selected for easy copy-and-paste.
21113 DataHub FTP handling in DataHub was improved with faster response times.


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