January 28, 2015

This release contains some significant productivity features for editing data in Caspio reports, as well as other enhancements to file management and application deployment.

Release Notes

Grid Edit

In tabular reports, you can now enable a grid-edit option to quickly update records similar to a spreadsheet. In the DataPage Wizard, you will see a new screen to configure grid edit along with other interactive editing options for your results page:

Once enabled, app users can click the “Grid Edit” option to easily switch between display-only and grid-edit mode. In grid-edit mode, users can edit each cell and the updated values are automatically saved once the cursor moves to another row (similar to Table Datasheet inside Caspio Bridge). There is no need to click a Save button or reload the page.

Any field can be edited in grid edit except for system-protected values, such as AutoNumbers and non-editable fields in Views and Table Relationships.

Learn more about grid edit and other Interactive Reporting Options.

Bulk Delete

Similar to grid edit, you can also enable an option to bulk-delete multiple records on the results page. Simply select the checkbox for each record you want to delete and click on the new “Bulk Delete” option.

Learn more about bulk delete and other Interactive Reporting Options.

Enhanced Inline Insert and Inline Edit

Previously, inline editing could only be performed using text fields. With this enhancement, you can now use dropdowns, checkboxes and other form elements to add or edit records directly on the page. Once you enable inline insert and/or inline edit in the DataPage Wizard, you can use the new Editing tab on the next screen to configure each field’s editing properties.

Learn more about inline insert/edit and other Interactive Reporting Options.

FileStor CDN for Improved File and Image Management

Caspio’s FileStor service provides fast and unmetered access to files and images used in your DataPages. In this release, FileStor can be easily enabled within your Caspio Bridge account with just one click.

FileStor improves app performance by hosting your files on servers around the world, running on Amazon Web Services’ Content Delivery Network (CDN), which automatically serves files from the server closest to your end users. Once FileStor is enabled, Caspio puts a copy of the files on the CDN and automatically adjusts your applications to use this server location. No additional configuration is necessary, and you can disable FileStor just as easily.

Because FileStor usage is not counted towards your account’s monthly data transfer, this is a simple way to reduce data transfer from files and images. However, it should be noted that this feature is only suitable for non-sensitive files, as they will be copied to publicly-accessible servers around the world.

FileStor CDN is included in Corporate plans, and is available as a premium add-on feature for other plans.

Learn more about FileStor CDN.

Improved Performance in Reports Using AJAX

Report DataPages now include an option to enable AJAX interactivity on the results page for improved performance when sorting, paging, editing and deleting. AJAX is a common web technology that allows users to perform dynamic operations without reloading the web page. For example, if you have enabled AJAX on a large results set, paging through each results page will no longer require the entire page to reload.

Account Subdomains (Phase 1)

Caspio Account Subdomains are part of a much bigger plan in our product roadmap. In this initial phase, all Caspio Bridge accounts are automatically assigned a unique subdomain. This feature allows you to easily migrate your applications to different Caspio infrastructure without redeploying all of your DataPages (for example, moving from North America to Australia, or from a Corporate plan to a HIPAA plan).

On the Account Settings screen, you will see a new option to deploy your DataPages using an assigned unique subdomain (instead of b5, b6, eu1, etc.).  However, be aware that any existing DataPages should be redeployed using the new subdomain to avoid cross-app login issues.

In future phases of this feature, you will be able to customize your own subdomain.

Learn more about Account Subdomains.

Enhanced File Options in Auto-Emails

When configuring Acknowledgement and Notification emails, it is now possible to attach files from the Files section of your Caspio Bridge account (located in the “All Assets” area).  Previously, files could only be attached as a field parameter from the data source. With this new enhancement, you can now attach any file stored in the Files section of your account, or upload a new file from your computer using the same screen.

Learn more about file attachments in Automatic Emails.

Enhanced Image Options in Auto-Emails

Images can now be easily embedded in the message body of Acknowledgement and Notification emails.  When parameters are enabled and the email format is set to HTML, you will see a new option to insert images from the data source, the same way you insert parameters.

Additionally, you can customize the image properties such as size, alignment, padding, and hyperlinks, the same way you format content using the rich-text editor in DataPages.

Learn more about embedding images in Automatic Emails.

New “Long Text” App Parameter

You can now create a “Long Text” App Parameter that stores up to 64,000 characters. Using the Long Text App Parameter, you can insert snippets of plain text, HTML, or JavaScript across multiple DataPages, and then simply edit the parameter value on the App Parameters screen to automatically update all occurrences in your DataPages.

Learn more about App Parameters.

Select Bug Fixes

3732 Automatic Emails Field values now appear correctly in automatic emails for Submission Forms based on filtered View.
3762 Automatic Emails File fields now attach correctly in automatic emails for Submission Forms based on filtered View.
3733 Parameters Parameters for Autonumber and Timestamp fields now insert correctly for Submission Forms based on filtered View.
4637 Views The Views Wizard now correctly saves criteria settings for Yes/No fields set to blank.
4162 Views It is now possible to select the Account Time Zone when defining criteria settings in Views.
3860 DataPages The search results now return correctly for DataPages using “OR” criteria with “Contains” comparison type in dropdowns, listboxes and AutoComplete form elements.
3455 HTML Editor The HTML Editor now respects rich text formatting pasted from Microsoft Word documents.
4115 Deployment The .NET Deployment method now provides the correct deploy code.
3510 Web Services The “UpdateData” API method now returns the correct number of records that were updated.
2535 Styles The hovering styles now appear correctly in embedded List and Gallery DataPages.
2539 Styles The styles of record actions now appear correctly in embedded List and Gallery DataPages.
4076 Styles Multiple “@font-face” classes can now be saved in the User-Defined Styles section.

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