March 29, 2015

This release contains bulk-editing capabilities in Caspio reports as well as other smaller enhancements.

Release Notes

Bulk Edit

In tabular reports, you can now enable a bulk-edit option to apply the same updates to multiple records at the same time. In the DataPage Wizard, you will see a new option to configure bulk editing on your results page:

Once bulk edit is enabled, an additional screen will appear for you to configure which fields can be edited, similar to how you configure a details page. You can also add additional fields from your data source to be editable even if they are not displayed on the results page.

On your deployed DataPages, users can select multiple records and click the new “Edit” option at the top of the report. A web form will then appear over the report for users to view the available editable fields and update data as needed.

Any field can be editable except for system-protected values, such as AutoNumbers and non-editable fields in Views and Table Relationships.

Learn more about bulk edit and other Data Editing Options in Reports.

Self-Joins in Views

Views have been enhanced to support self-joins, which creates a relationship between records in the same table by joining a single table to itself. A common example for self-joins is displaying a subset of data in the same table, such as the employees for each manager. When you select the same table multiple times in the Views Wizard, you will be prompted to create an alias that represents the self-join so you can define it on the next screen, the same way you define multi-table Views. Learn more about Self-Join Views.

New “File” App Parameter

You can now create a “File” App Parameter to manage references to static files across your entire application. To create a File App Parameter (available on the App Overview screen), first assign a parameter name and then either upload a new file from your computer or choose an existing file from the All Assets section of your Caspio Bridge account. This parameter can be easily inserted in your DataPages in various areas, such as Header/Footer, HTML Blocks, default values, and automatic emails. Later, you can simply edit the file from the App Overview screen to automatically update all occurrences in your app.

Cascading Elements in Grid Edit, Bulk Edit and Inline Insert/Edit

Cascading elements such as dropdowns and auto-complete fields are now available using the grid edit, bulk edit and inline insert/edit options in reports.

Redesigned App Icons

All app icons in customers’ deployed DataPages have been upgraded with a clean, modern look. The new icons retain the same overall concept and color scheme, but have been redesigned with “flat” design effects. The upgraded icons automatically overwrite the older-looking versions, so no additional configuration is required.

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