June 15, 2015
In this update, we are releasing some highly-requested features and enhancements, plus a few bug fixes.

Release Notes

Integration with Zapier (Beta)

Caspio’s new integration with Zapier gives you the ability to connect your Caspio databases with many other services. Provided that your Caspio account includes the API feature, you can sign up for a Zapier account and create triggers to transfer data between Caspio and many other applications such as Google Docs, email marketing programs, CRM software, SMS services, Office 365 calendars, and more.

Our beta release of Zapier integration is available through Zapier’s app directory. Click here to view Caspio’s profile or search the directory for “Caspio”. To create your first integration, simply sign into Zapier and follow a few steps as shown in the above video.

Learn more about Zapier integration.

Performance Improvements

We have made significant performance improvements in the following areas:

  • DataPage wizard load time
  • Cascading Dropdowns & Listboxes
  • Simultaneously inserting new records into a table

Bulk File Move & Delete

In the Files section of your Caspio account, you now have the ability to move or delete files and folders as a bulk action.

REST API Enhancements

We continue to invest in our REST API, which was originally released in March 2015. The following new enhancements provide more control of your account through APIs.

Data Management:

  • Create a new table
  • Change the table design
  • Receive values auto-generated by tables after insert and update

App and DataPage Management:

  • Get the DataPage deploy code
  • Deploy or undeploy DataPages
  • Get the list of apps in the account
  • Get the app description
  • Get the list of DataPages associated with an app
  • Get a list of all DataPages in the account

DataHub Task Management:

  • Get the list of scheduled tasks
  • Get the task information
  • Run tasks

Smaller Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • In Tabular Reports, there is a new option to enable a Record Index column that displays a number next to each record in your report.
  • In Reports, you can now configure Rules in bulk editing forms.
  • New Top Level Domains (TLDs) are now supported wherever email addresses and domain names are used in DataPages; including email fields, notification and acknowledgement emails, app parameters, account user profiles, destination pages after form submission, etc.
  • You can now select File fields when inserting authentication fields into a DataPage. For example, you can display the user’s profile photo on a DataPage by inserting the File field in an HTML Block.
  • When data grouping is enabled, any record edited with a new group name is immediately shown under the new group.
  • In App Parameters, the Scan function now detects Caspio DataPage URLs so that you can easily manage them as parameters. These URLs are automatically updated when the AppKey changes during app import.
  • In Forms, confirmation fields that require users to re-enter a value (such as a password) no longer show duplicate error messages.
  • For Caspio accounts created prior to January 2015, we fixed an issue regarding redirections to DataPages. They now work according to your choice of generic or dedicated subdomain URL, as specified in your account settings.
  • Bulk editing forms are now always rendered in Caspio’s default style. In order to maintain the integrity of the operation of these sensitive forms, no style customizations are available.
  • DataHub export based on a View will now preserve the View field order.

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