May 17, 2017

This release includes bug fixes and minor enhancements for previously released features. It also includes the foundation for upcoming features.

Release Notes

Lookup Fields

  • Lookup fields can now be included in Pivot Table Reports rows and columns.
  • When passing a Lookup field as a parameter, you can now choose its hidden value or display value.

List Data Types

  • When creating criteria in search forms, now you can use “Match any” as an option for list fields.
  • When rendering list values, you can now choose custom delimiters.
  • List Data Type fields can now be added to a table without providing its Lookup value.


  • Unique fields can now be configured as Radio Buttons or Cascading Radio Buttons in forms.
  • Some screens now contain short helpful videos for new users (look for the “play” icon in the top right corner). Please let us know what you think about them.
Bug Fixes
ID Area Description
39781 DataPage Wizard and Rendered DataPages Fixed email validation rules to ensure the proper presence of top level domain (TLD).
41801 Scheduled Tasks Fixed issue with displaying the correct Next Run Time of tasks.
41964 View Fixed issue with opening certain misconfigured views.
42049 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue in form wizard displaying “On load” option in Advanced Tab under certain conditions.
42534 App Overview Fixed issue with displaying the correct value for “Last modified” in App properties.
42769 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with the interactive sorting of tabular reports with grouping enabled under specific conditions.
43146 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with hiding Top positioned field labels when expected by a Rule.
43663 Email Fixed issue with the proper placement of Calculated and Formula fields in Bulk Notification emails.
43875 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue with showing Authentication fields in picker in Acknowledgement and Notification emails when email format was changed.
44575 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue in Y-axis range values when an old chart was upgraded.
44686 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue on mobile browsers with scrollbars not showing for long dropdowns.

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