1. What is the Caspio Mobile Kit?

The Mobile Kit is a collection of website templates, app samples, and a Caspio style to help you quickly mobile-optimize your Caspio application.

2. What is included in the Mobile Kit?

  • Four website templates, each with a different navigation interface:
  • Each template is offered in three color schemes (black, white, and blue).
  • A sample application that includes several Responsive DataPages (Form, Calendar, and Report)

and a mobile-optimized Caspio Style.

3. How am I going to use the kit?

  • Download the Mobile Kit and unzip it.
  • Choose one of the four templates located in the “Templates” folder.
  • Edit the HTML files in the selected template folder and replace the sample DataPage deploy code with your own DataPage deploy code between these comments:
    <!-- Caspio Deploy Code Start -->
    DataPage Deploy Code
    <!-- Caspio Deploy Code End -->

    In the same HTML files, you can also change the navigation menu label or add a new navigation label by changing the code between these comments:

    <!-- Navigation Bar Start -->
    Navigation Menu Code
    <!-- Navigation Bar End -->
  • If you need more web pages, duplicate one of the existing ones and follow the same steps above.
  • Once you have updated the HTML files, upload the content of the template folder to your web server.
  • Make each of your DataPages responsive by following the instructions for Responsive DataPages.
  • Optionally, you can import the sample app into your Caspio account for learning purposes.
    • Go to “Import” under the “Tools” menu, and select the “Sample App” file located in the unzipped Mobile Kit package.
    • Import the app and review the sample DataPages to see how the responsive code was implemented.
    • If you like, you can also assign the Caspio Style to your own DataPages.

4. Are there any limitations?

  • The Mobile Kit is intended for standalone websites and cannot be incorporated into CMS systems, website builders, or blogs.
  • In the sample Calendar DataPage, the popup calendar interface for date selection cannot be made responsive.

Note Please note: This article uses external HTML, JavaScript, or third-party solutions to add functionality outside of Caspio Bridge’s standard feature set. These solutions are provided “as is” without warranty, support or guarantee. The code within this article is provided as a sample to assist you in the customization of your web applications. You may need a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript to implement successfully.