AutoValues are used to generate values in hidden fields when submitting a Submission Form DataPage. AutoValues populate fields with the following automatic values:

  • Random Unique ID
  • Random Password
  • User IP Address
  • DataPage Host

AutoValue fields are particularly useful when creating unique identifiers or passwords.

Random Unique ID

To create an AutoValue field with a random unique ID, select a field under the DataPage Elements panel and select AutoValue in the Form element drop-down in the DataPage wizard. Click Random Unique ID in the AutoValue Type drop-down. You then have two format options to choose from:

  • For Human Use – A random unique ID for human use allows you to create unique IDs that might suit your organizational needs better than the AutoNumber field. You can add a prefix to each new value and choose the length and composition of the random ID.
Examples: psiA02S5, psiITR332, etc.
  • For Application Use – This option will generate a 128 bit Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) which follows the Microsoft standard for universally unique identifiers.
Example: f877d54fdfb549a288e9e1db534948fa


Random Password

This option will randomly generate a string that can be used as a temporary password. You can set the password strength to basic, strong, or very strong. You can also select the length and the composition of the password using the options shown below.


User IP Address

This option captures the entire IP address of the computer or device that has loaded the DataPage. No additional configuration is needed.

DataPage Host

This option captures information about the page that is hosting the DataPage. You can choose how the URL information can be captured:

  • Complete URL (including parameters)
  • Page URL (no parameters)
  • Domain Name