Caspio requires users to verify their email addresses to prove that they indeed own an email address used in the “From” field of the messages sent from their apps.

Users can use both private domain emails as well as public domain emails such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail in the “From” field of the emails outgoing from their apps. Yet, we strongly discourage our users from using public email domains as they can’t be verified, which imposes significant limitations on the email deliverability and may cause the malpractice called spoofing.

Additionally, Caspio proposes a default email address hosted on the pre-verified Caspio domain: for all who don’t want to use their own email addresses in the “From” field. This ready-to-use email address enables an easy and quick start without the need to edit any advanced settings like DNS records.

Note: To ensure uninterrupted business operation, all new email addresses need to be verified starting from Release 31.0. The existing non-verified addresses must be verified before 11 July 2022. After this date, they will be replaced with Learn more.

Configuring and verifying an email address

  1. Select Account > Account settings from the top menu bar of your Caspio account.
  2. Select the Email tab to view the list of all email addresses and domains used in your apps.
  3. On the list of Email addresses and domains, select Add email address.

  1. Enter an email address and optionally a display name. Click Send verification code.

    Note: We strongly encourage users to use private domains in the “From” field of the email messages to be able to verify a domain, therefore assuring the best email deliverability and preventing email spoofing.

  2. Enter the verification code sent to your email address and click Verify email address.
  3. After verifying your email address, you can proceed to verifying domain to improve email deliverability.