To attach files to your Acknowledgement or Notification emails, proceed to the Email Options screen in your DataPage wizard. Click the Attachment button and select a field from Data Source File Fields or a file from All Assets.

  • Data Source File Fields – this option is available if your DataPages source table or view includes one or more file fields. File fields can be attached to the email.
  • All Assets – with this option you can attach any file from the Files section of your account. New files may also be uploaded from this screen.

When you attach a file from All Assets, make sure the file is referenced in a table, or it will be considered an orphan file. Orphan files are deleted from your account periodically if you have enabled Orphan File Cleanup in your account.

Note that the maximum email size including all its attachments is 25 MB, however email recipients may have a lower file size limit enforced by their email service.