You can improve the usability of your forms by enabling the users to clear all their input from a form at once. In this procedure we will guide you to add a Reset button to your DataPages using simple HTML code. 


  1. Go to Configure Fields screen in your DataPage Wizard.
  2. From the toolbar at the bottom of the left pane, click the Insert   button and select an HTML block. It inserts a new HTML block to the list of DataPage Elements below the selected element.
HTML Block, Web Form Wizard, Configure Fields, Screenshot
  1. If the HTML block is not at the bottom of the list, select it and click the down arrow  until it is the last item on the list.
  2. Select the newly inserted HTML block. It opens in GUI mode. Click the Source button so you can directly enter or modify the HTML code.
  3. Enter the following code in it.
    <input type="reset" value="Reset">
HTML Block, Web Form Wizard, Source box, Screenshot
  1. Click Finish to save your DataPage. Then open the DataPage in Preview mode. A Reset button will be displayed on the form which will clear the entries.