If your DataPages are handling sensitive information, you can apply encryption to protect the data during transfer.  This option is available on every DataPage, as well as on the logout link created through Authentication.

Steps to add encryption to a DataPage:

1.  Deploy your DataPage

In the Caspio Bridge Explorer window go to the DataPages section.  Select the DataPage you would like to encrypt and press the Deploy button.

2.  Enforce encryption

To enforce encryption, check the Enforce encryption over HTTPS. If you have previously deployed your DataPage you will need to replace the deploy code with this encrypted version.

Steps to add encryption to the logout link:

  1. Next, you record the logout link from Authentication. Navigate to the Authentications listing, select the associated Authentication of your DataPage, and click Properties.
  2. Copy the provided Logout link URL. 
  3. Update the URL to be “https” instead of “http” and create the logout link on your page.