Notification Emails


Notification emails send an email to notify designated people within your organization that a record was submitted. Submission Forms and Report DataPages can automatically send emails to fixed email addresses, typically within your organization, to notify one or more people that a new or updated submission is made. Notification emails will be sent directly to these recipients.

In this article, you enable and configure a notification email in a current web form.

  1. Open an app and edit an existing Submission Form DataPage. Proceed to the Destination and Triggers screen.
  2. Under the Automatic Email Options section, check Notification email to specific email recipient.


3. The Email Options screen will appear if the options to trigger automatic acknowledgement and/or notification emails have been
checked in the previous screen. You can configure the email properties for each field:

  • From – Enter a valid sender email address. This static field is used when the user replies to the notification email. If your DataPage is within an app and you have configured app parameters, you can insert an app parameter to replace the static value. If the email is bounced, or if the recipient replies to the automatic email, it is sent to this email address.
  • To – This is the “To” line of your email with fixed email addresses. The notification emails will be sent to the address(es) entered. You can add one or more email addresses to notify multiple people of the arrival of new submissions. Use a semi-colon to separate email addresses.
  • Reply-to – This the “Reply-to” line of your email. You can insert the same field as the “From” field or you can insert the field containing the recipient’s email address from the form.
  • Subject – Enter the subject title for the email. You can personalize the subject line for the user or scenario by entering text and inserting fields from the table.
  • Message body – Type the contents of your email message. You can also personalize the content with your text and inserting fields from the table.
  • Email format – Choose Plain text or HTML format to display the email message.
  • File Attachment – Attach a file to the notification or acknowledgement email. This option only displays if your DataPage includes one or more file fields.

To insert a field in Subject or Message body, use the parameter picker to select a field from the first dropdown and select the format from the second dropdown.


A sample notification email is displayed:


Click Finish.

You have now successfully enabled notification emails in your web form. You can further edit this DataPage or perform testing to verify the notification email works properly before deployment.