Caspio provides a special deploy code to use on your installation of WordPress. Our WordPress deploy code only works when the Caspio WordPress Plugin is installed on your site. Note that the method described here does not work if your WordPress site is on

Steps to Deploy a DataPage in WordPress

  1. Install the Caspio WordPress Plugin

    Download and install the Caspio WordPress Plugin on your site and activate it. Always ensure that you are using the latest version of this plugin.
  2. Use the WordPress Deployment Method

    In your Caspio account, go to the DataPages Overview page of your application. Select the DataPage that you would like to deploy and click Deploy. Change the status of the deployment to Enabled. Select the WordPress deployment method. You have three deployment options here: Embed, iFrame, and SEO. Select the desired option, then copy and paste the code into the source of your WordPress post or page. To learn how to create SEO DataPages see SEO Deployment Guidelines.
For more information on each deployment method see Deployment article.