Last Updated on September 06, 2018 Deprecation of Caspio Site Deployment URL (Previously Announced in March)
Change Area DataPage Deployment
Impact area DataPages Deployed Using Caspio Site Deployment URL
Description Originally announced in March, the Caspio Site Deployment URL will be deprecated in order to standardize Caspio’s deployment technology. However, we postponed the deprecation date until September 26 to provide customers more time to update their applications. After the Caspio Bridge 14.0 release, all new DataPage deploy codes will only have the Integration URL option available for deployment:
Existing applications using the Caspio Site Deployment URL (b1, b2, etc.) will still continue to function normally. However, mixing the deprecated URLs with newly-created DataPages that use the Integration URL within the same app may cause repeated login screens and login/logout issues. If your applications are using the Caspio Site Deployment URL, we recommend you schedule time to redeploy your applications (including internal references in Header/Footer/HTML Block insertions, redirections and logout links) to use the Integration URL before the Caspio 14.0 release. This will ensure your applications will be “future-proof” when you deploy new DataPages after the release.