Criteria is formed as shown below and is passed as a query string parameter to the resource URL. For example to update record(s) in the "orders" table where first name is John the following is appended to the REST call:


Select Criteria

q={“select”:”fields list”,
   ”where”:”WHERE condition”,
   ”groupby”:”grouping fields list”,
   ”orderby”:”ordering fields list”,
  • If "select" is empty, all is assumed.
  • If "limit" is not provided, 100 is assumed.
  • In no event more than 1000 rows can be returned.
  • If at least one of “pageNumber” or “pageSize” is provided, “limit” parameter will be skipped.

Update Criteria

Similar to Select criteria, but only "where" section applies.

Delete Criteria

The same as Select criteria, but only "where" section applies.

Pagination criteria

To enable pagination you need to use “pageNumber” or “pageSize”. If you use only one of them, the deafault value will be applied for the second one (default for “pageNumber” is 1, default for “pageSize” is 25).
Acceptable range for “pageSize” parameter is between 5 and 1000.
Value of “pageNumber” parameter must be greater than 0.


It is a best practice to encode the value assigned to the q parameter. Some API tools require encoding for all calls and some require it when characters disallowed on URLs are present in the criteria. To avoid any potential issues, always encode your criteria.