There are some scenarios where you are looking to hide fields in DataPages.  This article shows how to hide fields using a hidden HTML table.  Fields are usually hidden so that their values while being invisible to end-users, remain accessible for scripting or reference.

Note: This solution uses HTML, CSS or JavaScript code. You must disable the HTML editor in the Header/Footer or HTML blocks where you place the code. To disable the editor, read the instruction here.

Set as a Hidden form element:

The easiest way to hide a DataPage element is to select Hidden from the Form element dropdown field on the Configure Fields screen of the DataPage wizard. It is the quickest method to implement and can be changed later if needed.


Using HTML Blocks to hide fields:

In Submission Forms and details pages you can also hide multiple fields by surrounding them with HTML table tags and setting the table’s display style to “none”.  For list/gallery Report results pages you can substitute HTML div tags for the table tags to achieve the same effect.

  1. Using the Insert button at the lower right-hand corner of the DataPage Elements panel and insert two HTML Blocks
  2. Move the fields you would like to be hidden between these two HTML Blocks.
  3. Open an HTML table in the first HTML Block and set its display style to none.
  4. Close the HTML table tag in the following HTML block.


Note: If you are looking to hide the Created by Caspio link on your page (Caspio branding) you can contact Caspio Support to have it removed.